Car Repair: Four Reasons You Should Utilize Professional Car Repair Services

Buying a vehicle is a long-term investment that requires proper maintenance. As a result, when the car needs repairs, it is paramount to ensure the repairs get done professionally to guarantee the investment's longevity. However, in an effort to save money, some motorists opt to conduct the repairs themselves. Unfortunately, most motorists are not qualified to handle the repairs or lack the necessary tools to perform a repair job properly. Though some minor repairs can get done by the motorist, it is still advisable to use a professional mechanic to ensure a thorough job gets done. Read More 

Using Marine Batteries In Automotive Applications

When you are looking for a battery for your car or truck, you go to an auto parts store. For boat batteries, you go to a marine battery supply. But using a marine battery in your automotive application means finding the correct battery, and where you get it is not always as important as ensuring you have the right one. Marine batteries offer some advantages over a standard automotive battery that could be relevant in your vehicle, but there are some essential things to consider before going down this road. Read More 

Understanding The EFI System In Your Car Or Truck

The EFI or electronic fuel injection system on most modern cars comes with several vital sensors that can affect how the engine runs if they are not working right. The sensors and the engine management computer have to work together to tune the fuel/air mix properly, so if even one part is not working, the entire system can malfunction.  ECU and Sensor Intergration All fuel-injected engines need to have a system that controls the fuel and air mix going into the engine. Read More