Commercial Truck Fleet Maintenance And Repair Guide To Prepare Your Vehicles For Summer After A Long Winter

As the winter weather has come to an end, your fleet has done a lot of miles and it is time to do maintenance and repairs to your trucks. There are the common maintenance tasks that need to be done like changing oil, and inspections that you need to do to every vehicle to ensure repairs are done before trucks hit the road during the summer weather. The following fleet maintenance and repair guide will prepare your commercial trucks for the summer months that are around the corner:

1.  Changing All of The Fluids and Degreasing Mechanical Parts to Prepare for Inspection

The first thing that you will want to do is change all the fluids of your commercial trucks. This should be the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant in your vehicles. Once the fluids have been changed, you will want to clean grease the engine and drivetrain to inspect all the parts for problems that need to be repaired before driving the vehicles in summer weather.

2. Changing the Filters and Inspecting Your Commercial Truck for Problems That Need to Be Repaired

The filters of all your vehicles also need to be changed before you can drive your trucks. The oil filters should have already been changed, and you will also want to change air, fuel, and cabin filters. Once the fluids and filters have been changed, you will want to inspect the trucks in your fleet for minor damage that needs to be repaired before hitting the road.

3. Revising Your Truck Axles and Transmissions to Ensure Your Fleet Is in Gear for Summer Deliveries

It is a good idea to check all the axles, transmissions, and moving parts of the commercial trucks in your fleet. Sometimes, the seals of transmissions and axles can fail during driving in the harsh winter weather. Therefore, some of the commercial truck parts for sale, that you may need for spring maintenance are seals for the transmission and axles.

4. Inspecting the Tires, Suspensions and Brake Systems of All the Commercial Trucks In Your Fleet

The last step in the fleet maintenance before commercial trucks go on the road again should be revising the tires and suspension. You want to change the tires on any vehicles that have worn tire treads. You also want to check the brake systems and suspensions of all your trucks. Replace any worn commercial truck parts and do minor repairs that are needed before the vehicles in your fleet start making deliveries during the summer months.

These are some of the maintenance and repairs that need to be done to your commercial truck fleet before the summer. If you need parts to complete maintenance and repairs to your fleet, contact a commercial truck parts sales service to get everything you need to get your fleet ready for the summer weather.