How to Increase the Appraisal Value Of Your Trucks

Every business wants to keep on trucking to increase profits. Operating profitably requires getting the maximum uptime and operation from truck services. While improving the performance of your trucks, you can increase their market value.

A higher appraised market value is of benefit in many situations:

  • You are selling and leasing trucking assets. 
  • You are securing loans.
  • You are recording the accurate book value for accounting and tax purposes.
  • You are valuing your business.
  • You are obtaining insurance

Here are three ways truck services are improving their investment return on fleet assets.

Truck Services Automation

Fleet management software consolidates fleet data and improves management. With a mobile fleet, the maintenance team can easily obtain an overall picture of the maintenance history and requirements of a vehicle. The truck part services team can then monitor all preventative maintenance and inspection data, including roadside, and make repairs in a timely matter. 

The Internet of Things and Trucks 

Trucking is an innovation frontier in IoT deployment, which could be called the internet of trucking. These smart sensors can report back all vehicle activity in real time. IoT truck services range from monitoring tire pressure to truck loads to prevent excessive wear and tear on a truck. More efficient scheduling, including shifting routes according to traffic, is lowering fuel usage and extending the operating performance of trucks. The transportation sector spent $71 billion on IoT devices last year—about 10 percent of all IoT spending—with freight monitoring and fleet management as the leading applications. 

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Clean fuel cars are more fuel efficient than gas cars. But often ignored is the savings from improved operating performance. From biodiesel to fully electric vehicles, performance advantages include improved throttle response, faster cold-starts, zero-low pollutant emissions, and fewer impurities contaminating engines and parts. By 2030, most trucks will be required to be operating on alternative fuels. Electric trucks are on the highways for test driving this year. 

Truck Services Maintenance and Repair

The best method to improve the present value of your vehicles remains keeping to a regular maintenance and repair schedule. As preventive maintenance, mechanics should perform a daily spot check to avoid unnecessary downtime and failed road inspections. An appraiser will ascribe a higher value on overall condition, roadworthiness, safety, and average lifetime to a regularly tuned vehicle.

If you succeed in increasing the value of your truck, a certified, qualified appraiser provides a form of guarantee, or at the very least trust, in the appraised value. 

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