Finding Recycled Parts To Make Repairs On Your Car Or Truck

Used auto parts are an excellent way to make repairs to your car or truck, and there are many used auto parts available that are still in great shape, so finding what you need is not overly challenging. Most used auto parts come from salvage yards, but there are other places to find them if you know where to look.

Salvage Parts

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider buying used auto parts from a salvage yard. The price is the first consideration, and you can get auto parts for half or even less than half the price that parts stores charge for new ones.

The cost savings has to be good because used parts do not come with much of a warranty, but many of the parts, especially for newer cars, are still in great shape. A starter or alternator from a salvage car may not have much use but fits on your car or truck perfectly, saving you some money and repairing the vehicle.

It is vital to look the parts over for any damage or problems before purchasing them. If you find something from a relatively new car, you might get like-new parts for a great price. Some salvage operations will offer a replacement-only warranty on the used auto parts they sell, but make sure you ask to ensure that you can get what you need if the part fails early. 

Private Parts Sales

Some vehicle classified sites have sections where you can list parts for sale. There are also general classifieds with used auto parts sections that allow you to post what you have for people to buy directly. 

If someone has an older vehicle that they are parting out, you may find that they have the parts you need, and you can buy them directly from them. It is difficult to know if the parts work or not sometimes, so make sure you ask about getting your money back if they don't function correctly after you install them. 

You also need to verify the vehicle the parts are coming from, so you can research the fit or parts interchange for that vehicle. Some manufacturers use the same auto parts on several car models and in a few cases, there are partner companies that use the same parts but under a different brand name that will fit your vehicle. Looking up the part you need in an interchange guide online will help you determine which cars have used auto parts that you can use.

Buying the parts individually is sometimes more expensive than buying the entire car for the used auto parts. If there are enough parts that you can use, offer to buy the whole car from the seller at a discounted rate. When you get all the used auto parts that you need, resell the parts car, or scrap it for a profit. For more information, contact a company like Trusty Pick-A-Part.