Understanding The EFI System In Your Car Or Truck

The EFI or electronic fuel injection system on most modern cars comes with several vital sensors that can affect how the engine runs if they are not working right. The sensors and the engine management computer have to work together to tune the fuel/air mix properly, so if even one part is not working, the entire system can malfunction.  ECU and Sensor Intergration All fuel-injected engines need to have a system that controls the fuel and air mix going into the engine. Read More 

Why You Should Invest In A Snowplow Mount When You Own A Farm

If you are a farm owner who does not already own snowplowing equipment, you may want to check out the snowplow mounts that are available. A snowplow mount can be an excellent investment for those who own or manage farming operations for these reasons and more. You Probably Already Have the Necessary Equipment Not everyone has the right type of equipment to mount a snowplow to. However, snowplow mounts can typically be attached to the front of a truck, sports utility vehicle, or tractor, depending on the type of mount that you purchase. Read More 

3 Reasons To Use A Rebuilt Diesel Engine When You Are In Need Of A Replacement

If you ever find that you need to replace the diesel engine in your vehicle, you'll be faced with the decision to buy a brand-new engine or a rebuilt one. While it might seem that an engine fresh from the assembly plant is always the best option, there are some benefits to choosing a remanufactured engine instead. The reasons described below are just a few of the advantages of using a rebuilt diesel engine when your vehicle needs a replacement. Read More 

What Should You Do With An Old Car After An Accident?

Accidents can be stressful and disheartening for many reasons, but what should you do when you already drive a vehicle that isn't worth much? If you were at fault or the accident involved an uninsured driver or hit-and-run, then insurance may not cover the cost of your repairs. In these cases, you may be frustrated to find that you now own a non-functional vehicle with very little value. Deciding what to do in this situation can be challenging, but there are some steps you can take to simplify this decision process. Read More 

Heavy Equipment Parts: Things To Consider When Buying Them Online

As you explore your options for buying heavy equipment parts for your vehicle, it's wise to think about how you are going to buy them. A heavy equipment parts supplier will be able to assist you in shopping for the parts you need and can assist you in making the experience most rewarding for you cost-wise. You might think about buying these things online, but you should do so once you understand how to get the most out of this experience. Read More